Our Services


We are well associated with talented actors and models who can work with you based on your requirement. We can provide prompt solution to your enquiry. We are connected with some famous Talent Casting Agencies as well.

Location Recce

We understand the importance of location for films or documentary. Along with good location we will ensure that it is easily accessible for the shooting team can do their work at ease. We have location managers to guide you on this. "Location Library" is also available with us for you to choose from.


We are connected with a talented scriptwriter & playwright who can associate with you to work on specific issues that need last-minute addressing. They will work as per your brief and deliver on time.


We understand the importance of "budget" for the success of the film/commercial. Providing an overall budget is at times misleading. So, we go a step further. We have the industry experience of providing scene wise budgeting so that you get an exact idea of investment before making the film/commercial.

Floor Management

We have the experts who can assist to prepare and plan productions, supervise the live rehearsals and make sure everyone knows what they should be doing and when. We will deal with any technical hitches and ensure the production floor meets health and safety regulations. We will ensure that you focus on your job/event and we take care of the rest.


We can organize filming permits as per your locations needs. Our knowledge of union rules & regulations enables us smoothly to obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of your choice. We have experts who are well versed with the permission requirements and will guide you through.