Post Production

Post Production Services

Film Certification

Film Certification is one of the most important aspect to deal, post production. We have a team of experts who are proficient in working out the legalities to get the film certification. Our team can guide you through this process so that you can get the appropriate certification at various level.

Colour Correction

Color correction can change the feel of a movie. We are connected with colorists who can assist you in colour correction. We have the experts with industry experience who can assist you in this process to give a facelift to your scenes.


We have team of experts who can assist you in sound editing, post production. We can assist you in Location mixing, ADR, Dialog editing, Sound effect editing, Foley etc. We are connected with some well known sound recording studios which is available as per your requirement.

Broadcast Program

We bring a good amount of Broadcast Program expertise to the table. We have industry experts who can guide you through this process. We try to strike a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry. We have experience in dealing with variety of industry practices and players.